Summer Days, Vacation Days & Crazy Days

August 12, 2017

So I know I haven’t posted a status update in a while, so here is the short version!

Summer is pretty much over for us. We’re already in August and I have to start getting Aiden & Nolan ready for school! They both start school August 21st. Which is pretty much around the corner. This past summer for us has been total chaos. Or so I think. I mean, I wished for us to have a really busy summer. You know that saying “be careful what you wish for”? Yeah it pretty much came true for me.

Aiden finished school June 1st, and I knew we were going to have some what of a busy summer. So I decided since June was an empty month for us, that I would investigate and sign my boys up for every VBS (Vacation Bible School) for the entire month. And they loved it!

Every week Aiden & Nolan were going to a different church for VBS. They had a blast learning about God and having fun. However, I didn’t realize how much it would affect my energy level. I was exhausted by the time June was over. I think because of my exhaustion there was a week in June they did not attend a VBS. Mama needed a break from all the driving around. Plus, driving back and forth in the Texas heat is not fun!

So June was nothing but VBS and running around. July however was our busiest month. After July 4th I started cleaning and prepping for my wonderful mother & father -in-loves arrival from India. Manny’s parents are Christian Pastors and normally come to the states every 4 years for the IPHC General Conference. They were going to spend a week with us, then head to Ohio to be with my sister-in-love Donna & her husband, then head to Florida for the conference.

After my in-laws left it was time to start packing for our vacation. Which is also the reason why I was able to write my last blog Packing & Organizing For Vacation. We told the kids we were going away on vacation at the end of July but the destination was a surprise.

When we got on the airplane the kids kept asking us where we were heading. As we got close to landing, I told Aiden to take a look out the window and tell me where he thought we were. As Aiden looked out his little airplane window he replied, “Hmm, it looks like New Jersey!” A true Jersey boy indeed. Plus, how can you not tell you’re in New Jersey when all you see are white tanks and oil tank ships in the harbor. I mean come on!

When we landed Aiden saw the New York skyline and said “Mom that looks like New York!” I told him it was. And then he realized and said, “We’re in New Jersey?!” I nodded my head yes and there was nothing but shrieks and shouting from Aiden & Nolan. The boys were shouting Gmom & Grandpa’s name with excitement. That whole aircraft knew who Gmom & Grandpa were.

This trip to New Jersey was really not a vacation for us. It was more of a running around trip and visit what family we can before we leave. It was exhausting but so happy we got to visit family.

The kids were so excited to see my parents and my brother Ethan. When the kids saw my family they ran to them! My parents were so happy and excited to see Grayson. The first thing we did when we got to my parents house was order 4 pies of pizza. Yes, 4 pies! Here in Texas we have fake pizza. Where we live in Carteret we have the best pizza. We ordered a Sicilian pie, a plain pie, pepperoni pie, and bacon chicken ranch pie. Oh, my, word! It was so good to eat REAL pizza again!

We stayed upstairs in the apartment from my parents which is where we used to live. My mom will most likely use upstairs as a Airbnb. So you can say we were my mom’s first Airbnb guests.

The next day my Titi Rachel (aunt) and cousins came from Long Island, New York to visit us. My Titi was kind enough to brig me New York Bagels! OH YEAH!!! Ugh, so good to eat New York bagels! We spent the day catching up and laughing.

Sunday we went and visited our old church Evangel Church in Scotch Plains. It was great to see familiar faces and friends. We spent our evening at a BBQ catching up with close friends of ours. Jamie & Maribel Colon have been great friends to us. We started to get really close with them when we had to move away. Sonia Valle and her husband Harry came over as well. Sonia is the leader of the women’s group at Evangel and I pray for her and her ministry everyday. The men hung out talking, the women hung out in the kitchen talking, while the kids ran around Maribel’s house causing havoc. It was a great time of fellowship.

The next 2 days were exhausting for us. We drove into Queens, New York to surprise my grandmother (Abuelita Ana). She was so surprised that she needed to sit down and catch her breath. That next day we drove back into New York to visit my other grandmother (Abuelita Angie) who lives in a nursing home. Since my grandmother lives all the way in Long Island my Titi Rachel is only 2o minutes away. What was supposed to be a quick, eat, and hit the road, turned into staying at my aunt’s house all day.

The rest of our trip was just hanging out at home and relaxing. The last leg of our trip my BFF Laura came to visit. She and I had a ball of course! Things never get old between us. Tons of laughter and memories in the making. Our last visitors who visited us were my Aunt Gina and Aunt Vivian. These sisters are not my aunts by blood, but they are pretty much like aunts to me. I’ve known them since I was a kid in church, and they’ve seen me grow up into the person I am today.

Well I thought when we came back home to Texas I would be able to relax, but nope! We hit the ground running, got a few hours of sleep, and the next day I spent my time cleaning and prepping before my in-laws arrived the following day! My in-laws would be with us for the next 10 days. Then after they leave I have literally a full week to prep and get the boys ready for school.

So basically this is the short version of what our summer has been like. I’ve loved every minute of it! Wouldn’t change a thing about how our summer has gone. Maybe I would wish our summer was a little bit longer. Obviously when you’re too busy having fun the time goes by too fast. And I feel like our summer has just flown by!

Now, I will start organizing, making lists, and prepping things before the boys start school. Once we are settled in our new routine, I’ll have more recipes and blog subjects to post.

Wish me luck!!





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