Setting Goals For A New Year

January 9, 2018

Woohoo!!! It is 2018! I am so happy 2017 is over and in the past. We are now moving on to bigger and better things that God has for us in 2018! The past couple of weeks have been hectic. Ever since Thanksgiving came and went it was nothing but a roller coaster ride for mommy!

Trying to finalize Christmas gifts from different family members from around the country was not an easy task. After buying so many gifts on behalf of our families, Manny and I could not tell what gift was to who from who. Our closets were maxed out in space. We had gifts that took up our entire closet, under our bed, and under Grayson’s crib. Putting the gifts together on Christmas Eve was a highly organized event for Manny & I.

We spent Christmas as a family of 5. Just us relaxing and enjoying each others company. I loved hearing my kids play in the background with their new toys while I cooked our Christmas feast. Then in a blink of an eye it was New Year’s Eve!

I have a lot to be thankful for in 2017. My most favorite thing that happened in 2017 was when my Grayson Levi was born on January 23rd. He has been the best baby and best addition to our family. I cannot imagine life or imagine him not being a part of our family. He was the highlight of our year. And I am blessed to be his mama.

The hardest challenge we faced in 2017 was when we lost our 4th baby in a miscarriage in September. The most devastating heart breaking thing I have ever lived through. But after taking some time to heal and really pressing in to God’s presence, God has shown me more of Himself. No matter the situation He is good. God is always good.

Now here we are in 2018 and going head on into this new year. There are a lot of things that I would love to tackle in 2018. I would love to publish my first devotional book. For a while God has been putting it on my heart to write a devotional book. But I’m praying whether if it should be for youth or women’s ministry.

I also feel God leading me in the photography area. I have never been into photography at all whatsoever. But last year I self-taught myself how to use Lightroom and edit some photos. I even edited our family photos we took for our Christmas card this year. I told Manny how I felt led to head into photography in 2018. Since he saw my editing skills in Lightroom, Manny decided to up my photography game, and got me a Canon T6i for Christmas.

After playing with my new toy I could hear the Lord whispering in my ear how He would use me to capture the images He sees. And that blew my mind! I am so excited to see the pictures I’ll take and the families I’ll photograph along the way.

When a new year comes people make the famous habit of setting this new year resolutions. And by week 2 people are breaking those resolutions they promised to keep. Instead of saying resolution why don’t you set some goals? Every January I think every family should sit and plan for what they would like accomplish for the new year.

Usually, every January Manny & I either go out to dinner or sit together on our couch and make a list of goals. We make a list of what we would like to accomplish for our family, for our kids, our careers, and us as individuals. It is important to write these goals down and strive to do better than the year before. Before Manny & I set our new goals, we like to take a look at our old list of goals we made the previous year. Some goals were met and some were not. It helps us to see how hard we’ve worked and strive towards the mark. It also helps us to be ambitious with our new list of goals.

But I think it is key for a husband and wife to sit together and talk about what they would like to accomplish for the new year. With out having that communication and being on the same page, you’re going to get caught up with everyday life and the same mundane things, and before you know it half the year is gone!

So, before you start making goals for your family start praying. Ask the Lord what He would like you to do for this year. He will tell you. Like I said earlier, I have never been interested in photography, but I know the desire to take it up came from the Lord. Only He can put desires in my heart that never existed. So start praying. And when you sit down with your spouse be open and talk about what you feel the Lord is doing in your heart.

What is God telling you to do in 2018? What is He nudging you to do? Are you to write songs? Paint a picture? Take photographs, etc. There are things that God wants you to do this year. He is a good God and He only wants the best for you! And if He put a desire in your heart that you’re scared of, He put it in your heart because he knew you could do it. He knew you were equipped for it. Take one step at a time. He is there leading you in every step you take. It’s up to you if you’re willing to obey and take action.

So, stand up straight with your head held high and walk into 2018 like you own it. This is a year of new beginnings. New things are going to happen for you and your family. Set your goals and take the proper actions you need to take.

Jackie Balla

Jackie Balla

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