Packing & Organizing For Vacation

July 18, 2017

Now that summer is officially in full swing, everyone goes away on vacation with their family. Since my family and I are leaving for vacation in a few days, and flying with ALL 3 boys for the first time, it’s actually my first time prepping, organizing, and planning for my crew.

I used to be a last-minute packer and pack everything that I needed for vacation. Of course that was when I was much younger and had no children. Now that I have 3 boys and flying for the first time with them, I had to come up with a “master plan.” I am so happy to share my tips/master plan with you fellow mommies out there!

First thing is first!

 1. Make A List

I am an old fashion girl. I have to write everything down on a list. Sure I could use an app and make my list on that. But it’s not the same when it’s in your writing. It’s like it’s set in stone. No one can mess with your list!

  • Make A List For Yourself

I always start by making a list of what I need to pack for myself. Normally, moms make their list for their hubby or for the children, and what they need to pack for them. Then by the time you get to yourself, sometimes you forget somethings you actually need to write down on your list. So I always recommend start by making a list of what you need for vacation. You’ll be thankful you started with yourself first.

  • Make A List For The Kids

Here is the easy part. Planning and listing things you needs for your kids comes naturally. The obvious things come first like, clothes, underwear, socks, shoes, toiletries. But think about what you will need for the car or the plane ride. It can be iPads, snacks, coloring books, crayons, toys etc. If you already know what your itinerary will be while on vacation then you’ll know what to add to the list like bathing suits, sunscreen, things like that.

  • List Of Medications

This one I always forget! I always forget to take medications with me or a thermometer on vacation. Sometimes I think nothing will happen to us and is probably why I don’t pack it. But now that I have 3 little boys, I have to be prepared for anything no matter what. That way I don’t have to be running around to the pharmacy while on vacation. Don’t go over board packing your entire medicine cabinet. But just bring the necessities like thermometer, fever medications, ointments, band aids, bandages, etc.

2. Do Laundry The Day Before You Pack

This is a must! Before you can start coordinating outfits for yourself and your children, you have to wash clothes. You never know what is sitting inside the hamper that you will need. After your clothes are done drying in the dryer, place them on your bed or the dining room table. Once your clothes are all folded, you can start planning outfits.

3. Coordinate Outfits

Start planning outfits for yourself. Like I said in the beginning of this blog, coordinate for yourself first. I have a bad habit of over packing and throwing everything but the kitchen sink into the suitcase (I can’t help it, I’m a Jersey girl!). When I plan outfits for myself I start putting together tops with different jeans or shorts. Sometimes I’ll put multiple shirts with 1 particular pair of pants. As I always tell Manny you never know what will look good on that day. A girl has to have her options!

Once you are done coordinating outfits for yourself its on to your children’s wardrobe. You can start by throwing clothes on the floor, bed, or dining room table. Once you have coordinated the kids outfits for the duration of your trip, into the suitcases the clothes go!

4. Pack Clothes As A Set

Normally when you pack you put all the shirts together, all the pants together, etc. To make it easier on yourself, pack the clothes as a set. You just organized and coordinated outfits for your trip, now pack the outfits together, don’t separate them. If you want to be extremely organized, you can get jumbo size ziplock bags, place the outfit & socks in the ziplock bag, and write what day that outfit is for. That way there’s no searching and ruining all the folding you did when you packed. Plus, the ziplock bags are a great space saver and you have plenty of room for shoes and other items to pack.

5. Pack A Few Garbage Bags

Garbage bags are for dirty laundry only! To help keep your sanity and from figuring out what’s clean and what’s dirty, just bring a few garbage bags. Bring only 3 and keep it simple. One bag for whites, one for colors, and the other bag for darks.

Remember organizing can be a full-time job. Keep up with your lists. The reason why you’re organizing and planning for this vacation is to make your life easier. Plus, you won’t have to deal with your husband asking where are the specific shirts or socks at in the suitcase. Since you organized it and packed it, you know where it is. Due to your organization, hubby should find things in the suitcase without asking you where it is.

I hope these organizational tips were a big help and gave you some ideas to help prep for your voyage!

Enjoy the rest of your summer before school starts! I sure am!





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