My Family


Emmanuel Balla (Manny) is my dream guy! He is the only one who understands my crazy mind. Though we have plenty of things in common, we are also opposite in a lot of ways. I am LOUD, sometimes high energy, and he is my calming dose to bring me back to reality. He is a hard working man who used to work 2 jobs to support our family. Yes, 2 jobs! But not anymore since we have moved to Texas! He is currently happy working 1 job as an AV Tech for a conference center.

Our love story began in July 2007. I went on my first missions trip to Hyderabad, India. He was a 23-year-old Pastor’s son, and I was the 19-year-old Puertorican/Dominican girl from New Jersey. After we met we started talking and after talking to him I knew one day I was going to marry him one way or another. Never in a million years did I think I would fall for an Indian man. He had everything I was looking for, big eyes, wonderful smile, but what also mattered was his character and values. After being home three days and talking to Manny on the phone everyday, he said the magic words, “I love you!” With an instant reaction I said, “I love you too.” We were inseparable over the phone! We dated long distance for a year and a half. The three things we say that made our relationship succeed were communication, trust, and honesty. In January 2009 we became engaged and had a traditional engagement ceremony in India. After coming home I filed a fiancé visa for Manny. Once it got approved we had 90 days to get married. Manny arrived in America 3 weeks before our wedding. On October 10, 2009 we were married in front of 120 of our family and friends.

3 months after we were married we found out we were pregnant! Though I was newly married, still trying to get used to the “wife” role, I was not ready to have a baby. My pregnancy was somewhat difficult. My job at the time as a Medical Assistant at a very busy Oncology doctors office left me stressed everyday. The difficulties I suffered in my pregnancy ranged from heart palpitation, dehydration, UTI, and kidney stones. The day I delivered Aiden was quite chaotic which is funny considering his personality is chaotic. It was a full moon on the maternity floor. After 8 hours in labor, and pushing for 1.5 hours, Aiden Moses Balla was born on September 28, 2010. He was 6 pounds 8 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. He was a great baby. We have had a long wild journey with Aiden. He is my first-born and as much as he drives me nuts, I wouldn’t have my life any other way. You can read more about Aiden’s testimony here My Journey As A Special Needs Mom. Aiden is my wild child! He lives life to the fullest, and is LOUD, hyper and vibrant. He has taught me how to live life on the edge and take things as they come! He is super smart. He loves reading, spelling, and drawing. He has a gift of being on the same level with other kids who are either special needs or delayed. He is patient, soft and calm with other kids like that, and I think it’s because he understands them. He is one of a kind and I am blessed and privileged that God gave him to me!

My second born. He was a pleasant surprise. My pregnancy with him was much easier. Easy as pie! While he was in my belly I knew he would be a calm child. He barely moved in my tummy. I was anticipating how the hospital would be after my experience with Aiden. The maternity floor was empty, quiet, and calm, just like Nolan’s personality. After pushing for 40 minutes Nolan Joseph Balla was born on April 4, 2013. He weighed in at 6 pounds 10 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. The best part is he also shares a birthday with my mother-in-love Dora. Nolan is my calm quiet child. As well as very strong willed. He is sensitive and funny. He loves music and singing! Nolan and Aiden are opposites, but they are inseparable. They are lost with out each other, and prefer to do things together. I love the bond they have!

For a while I wanted to have another baby. And after a year and half of trying, I finally got a positive pregnancy test. The day I found out I was pregnant was the day Manny came home saying he got a new position in his company, and we were moving to Texas. We packed up everything we had and moved our family half way across the United States to the beautiful Lone Star State. My pregnancy was labeled high risk due to all the miscarriages I have had in all my years of birthing children. Grayson’s delivery was induced and his labor was the easiest out of all the kids. I was in labor 4 hour, and pushed for 5 minutes… literally! Grayson Levi Balla was born on January 23, 2017. He is the biggest baby I’ve ever given birth to weighing in at 7 pounds 14 ounces and 20 inches long. He’s a legit Texan boy while his big Jersey brothers hover over him and love on him. Grayson is a unique baby. He is the best well behaved baby I’ve ever had! He loves to eat, play, and chase after his big brothers. Wherever his brothers go he wants to go. Grayson is also a hardcore daddy’s boy! Which is funny since he’s the opposite complexion and looks nothing like his daddy. Grayson has been the best addition to our family, and the joy he brings is indescribable.