Mini Mud Pies

July 13, 2017

So this Mini Mud Pie recipe came about short notice. I had a 4th of July BBQ to attend at my friend’s home and I was obviously bringing my American Flag Cake. But I wanted to bring something fun and sweet besides cake. So I noticed in my pantry I had instant chocolate pudding mix. I tried think what else can go with pudding? I had enough cool whip but what else can go in the dessert? I realized I had oreo cookies. Then that’s when the idea of the Mini Mud Pie was born. All that is in this recipe is chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, and cool whip. To make this easy dessert here is what you will need.


Instant chocolate pudding

Ground or crushed oreos

Cool whip

Take a mini mason jar and add a small amount of chocolate pudding.

Then add some of the crushed oreos.

Add some cool whip on top of the oreos.

Repeat the same layers until you reach the top of the mason jar.

Cover with a lid and refrigerate until ready to serve.

This dessert was so easy to make, I literally made it in 15 minutes!

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