Creating Your Baby Registry

October 13, 2017

How To Get Organized & Create Your Baby Registry.

The Do’s & Don’ts For New & Experienced Moms.

So I felt led to write this blog and help out new expecting moms-to-be.

Whether you are going to be a first time mom, or expecting your second, third, or fourth baby, you need to know how to prepare. Cause let’s face it, as a expecting mom, we want everything to be absolutely perfect for our new little blessing that will be coming.

So in order to get prepared for the baby we have to create a registry that will have all the things we’ll need. You want a registry that has the same color theme and that is not all over the place.

But the first thing that needs to be done is getting organized. Before you head to the store to create your registry you need to get organized. Start thinking about all the things you will need. Just grab a paper and a pen and start writing the necessary baby items you will need. It is so easy and exciting to get that scanner at the baby store and start scanning away at random baby items that you really don’t need. And before you know it, you realize what the heck was I thinking? Trust me, I’ve been there! I’ve gotten caught up in the “baby high” while scanning things in the store.

There will be a time you will feel overwhelmed. Try not to get overwhelmed. Just think of the basic items you will need. You could always add to your registry later on, or as baby starts to get older.

If cannot think of anything I’ll give you something to start with. Start thinking about a theme for your nursery. There are so many themes for baby nurseries these days, that the possibilities are endless. So many stores have different themes for a boy, a girl, and gender neutral.

I know for me I did Whinny The Pooh as a nursery theme for Aiden. And Nolan used the same exact bedding set as well.

Once you know of the theme and color scheme you’re going for, start researching different baby stores. The obvious one that everyone goes to is Babies R Us. Google and do your research and see which place has a better fit for you!

Here are a few places you can have your baby registry with.

  1. Babies R Us
  2. Target
  3. Buy Buy Baby
  4. Amazon
  5. Kohls

As a first time mom you will most likely need everything for the baby as you have never been through this before. But for women who have done this before, like me, you only need a few key items if you have saved some items from your previous babies.

When you know what place you want to create your baby registry with, the store will give you a welcome bag and checklist. That checklist they will give you, will be a little overwhelming, cause there is just so much stuff on that list. Remember, stay organized, stay focused on the list you made, and compare your list to the store checklist. The store checklist will have some things that you might have forgotten to add to your list.

Make a list by categories. Here are the categories to help you. This is how I made my baby list. First time moms can use this, and if you’re an experienced mom, you’ll know what you’ll need and not need.

  • Nursery – Crib, bassinet, mattress, bedding set, changing table, glider & ottoman, dresser or chest of drawers, hamper, and closet hangers & baskets.

For me I never got a changing table. I always changed the baby wherever I was (my bedroom, the floor or the couch). I try to keep it simple. No need for a changing table in my house as it will take up extra space.

  • Bedding – Crib bedding set, pack&play, pack&play sheets, changing table pad sheets, receiving blankets, swaddle blankets, crib blankets, bassinet sheets.

A lot of the items above I got when I had Aiden. I still have some his receiving blankets that are not stained or faded (thank God), and I used them with Nolan. As far as a bassinet I never really had one with either of my kids. When my boys came home from the hospital, they slept in their car seat for the first week, and slept in their pack&play playpen. With Nolan I used the newborn sleeper in the pack&play. He slept in that newborn sleeper until he could no longer fit in it.

  • Travel System/Car Seat – Car seat carrier, car seat base, and stroller.

I highly recommend that you get a travel system. A travel system is the stroller, car seat carrier & car seat base all in one box. However, if you do not need the stroller you are able to purchase the car seat and base together. I do recommend that you have an extra car seat base if you have more than one car. I remember with Aiden I had three car seat bases. One in my car, one in Manny’s, and one in my mother’s car. It made going out with the baby so much easier instead of removing the base and transporting it to another car.

Also, pick a car seat that is gender neutral. That way you are able to use it again with your next baby.

I also recommend that you get the fleece car seat carrier cover. I LOVE my fleece car seat cover! During the cold winter months, when my boys were infants, they never really needed an infant coat. I just placed the baby in the car seat carrier, with whatever they wore that day, and placed the fleece cover over the car seat. That thing always kept my baby warm! Sometimes if I over dressed the baby, they would be sweating when I took them out of the car seat.

  • Feeding – For Nursing – Breast pump, nursing pads, nipple creams or balms, breast milk storage containers, nursing pillow, nursing cover, bottle starter set, breast-feeding accessories. General Feeding – Bottle starter set, slow/medium/fast flow bottle nipples, formula, formula storage containers, bottle warmer, burp cloths, boppy pillow, bibs, pacifiers, teethers, high chair, baby food prep & storage (optional), baby plates & bowls, and baby utensils.

If you are deciding to breastfeed your baby make sure you invest in a good breast pump, nursing pads, and nipple cream. You will need it! I breast pumped when I had Aiden only for two weeks and then had to stop. You can read more about what I went through here on this blog Breastfeeding: Why It’s Not For Me

If you’re not sure on what brand of bottles to add to your registry ask your friends, or read reviews. With Aiden I used the Avent brand bottles, and with Nolan I used Tommee Tippee bottles. With this baby I plan on using the Tommee Tippee bottles. I loved how easy to clean it was, and I loved how the baby did not have a hard time drinking.

In regards to baby food prep. There are so many different options out there that you can prep your baby’s food. For Nolan I used The Baby Bullet. I bought all the fruits and veggies, made all his baby food at home, and stored it in the fridge or freezer. However, it is very time-consuming. If you do not have the extra time to set aside to prep the food, then don’t add the item to your registry. But if you want to make and prep your baby’s food, by all means, go right ahead, add which ever food prep maker best fits your needs.

  • Diapering –  2 boxes of diapers for each size, baby wipes, diaper creams & ointments, and diaper bag.

I highly recommend that you add 2 boxes for each size of diapers that are out there to your registry. You can never have enough diapers! Try and make sure you add enough boxes of wipes as well.

If you want to add a wipe warmer/dispenser to your registry, that is up to you. I used it with Aiden, and I found that sometimes my wipes would dry out. I don’t see a need for it for myself, but it is up to you.

  • Bathing & Baby Care – Baby bath tub, bath towels, wash cloths, bath robe, shampoo & body wash kits, baby lotion, bath accessories, health & grooming kits, first aid & pain reliever kits, thermometers, humidifier/air purifier.

When you go to select a bath tub for your baby look at all that there is in the store. There are so many new items and features out there that claim to be the “Cadillac of baby bath tubs.” If something is too complicated for you don’t add it to your registry. I added the simplest bath tub I could use to my registry, because I just want to make my life as simple as possible.

I used a Vicks Humidifier when I had Aiden. But to be honest, I never really used it that much. With Nolan and the new baby I am using my essential oil diffuser. I use Young Living Essential Oils with their diffuser. Whenever Nolan is sick I research what essential oils to use. Depending on what he has, I’ll apply the oil to the bottom of his feet or chest, and diffuse some of the oils in the diffuser throughout the day & night. I find using an essential oil diffuser better than using a humidifier or air purifier.

If you want to know more about Young Living Essential Oils and how you can use it for your baby & family, you can send me an email at and I’ll be happy to give you more info.

  • Clothing – Caps, mittens, booties, socks, matching outfits, bodysuits, onesies, and more.

When it comes to baby clothes, I have very few clothing items saved from the other boys. The clothes are either stained or faded from so much washing, that I did not want to pass it down to the next kid. I do have some outfits and clothing items on my registry. But if I don’t end up getting a lot of clothing at my shower, I plan on buying most of the baby’s clothes at a consignment store.

The consignment store that I always go to is Once Upon A Child. I’ve been shopping at Once Upon A Child since before Nolan was born. Because, let’s be real here, kids (especially babies) out grow the clothes so fast that it’s cheaper to buy used than brand new (buy used & save the difference). Plus if any of the clothing my kids grow out of, and are still in good condition, Once Upon A Child will buy the clothes from me at a certain price, and I can apply that credit to the new batch of clothes I’m buying for my kids.

Here is their website for locations and sales

  • Safety – Baby monitor, baby gates, outlet covers & plugs, cabinet & drawer locks, kitchen & bath safety, door knob covers, first aid kit, and more.

I received majority of these safety items at my first baby shower with Aiden. And I’m still using all the plugs, covers, and locks.

Instead of buying a regular baby monitor, my husband Manny invested in a camera called Foscam Pro. It’s a camera that has its own app. The camera is screwed into the corner wall near the ceiling in the boys bedroom. With the app we are able to monitor the kids in their room, move the camera around, hear what the kids are saying, and we are able to talk into the camera when we are watching them. So if I am out having dinner with the girls, I can open the app, turn the sound on and hear what’s going on, see what my children are doing, and say good night when I am not there.

Here is their website for more info

  • Playtime Zone – Infant swing, bouncer, play mat/baby gym, infant toys, jumper, books, early development toys, interactive toys, and more.

I have always had a baby swing for my boys. They love it, I love it, and I can actually get something done around the house while they’re in the swing.

Play mats/baby gyms are awesome to have when baby is having tummy time. Also make sure your baby has plenty of toys to keep him/her occupied.

I highly recommend a jumper. Aiden was my jumper kid. He practically lived in the jumper! He loved to bounce and jump for long periods of time. A jumper is a great baby play item to have.

Do’s & Don’ts

What you should DO!

  • Be organized
  • Make a list
  • Be calm
  • Start your registry right after you know the gender
  • Make a registry even if this isn’t your first baby
  • Know what your theme & color schemes are
  • Stick to your list, theme & colors
  • Look at everything in the baby store.
  • Look at all the items on every aisle and decide if the item is for you or not before adding it to your registry
  • Read product reviews & get other mommy friends advice
  • Add what you need to the registry (you could always add more later on)
  • Add what you know you’ll use for sure
  • Think long-term, what items you can save & use as you have more kids
  • Share your registry with your family, friends, and on social media

What you should NOT DO!

  • Don’t be scattered brain
  • Do not get overwhelmed
  • Don’t go into the store without knowing what you want for the nursery or what you need
  • Do not go crazy overboard with the scanner and scan everything you like
  • Don’t get caught up in the “baby shopping” high
  • Do not add something to the registry you may never use (even if the item looks new & cool)
  • Don’t keep your registry a secret
  • Do not close your registry after baby is born
  • Don’t think short-term

I hope this blog was able to help you get on the right track to creating your baby registry. I know some of the information I gave above can be a little overwhelming, but try not to get overwhelmed. Just follow the steps I gave you, and DON’T do what is in the What You Should Not Do section.

If you found this blog helpful or know of anyone who can benefit from the info I gave, please share this blog and pass it on! I would love it if this blog helped a mommy or two out there!

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