Christmas Crafts For Kids

November 28, 2017

Take a deep breath in and out. Relax. Try not to stress out.

I know this is not easy. I sense the anxiety in the air, but we as parents have no choice but to face it every year…Christmas vacation!

Christmas vacation is quickly approaching. By the time you get organized you want to have a little down time for yourself and then in a flash your kids are home…all the time! And there’s no escaping them!

I will have Aiden & Nolan home on Christmas vacation for 2 full weeks (Lord help me!)

Keeping the kids entertained while trying to do my chores is not an easy task. Nolan is my calm child…until Aiden gets home from school. Then his energy rubs off on Nolan, and then I have 2 boys running around like crazy. The atmosphere goes from calm to crazy like a hurricane in a split second. Then add Grayson to the mix. It’s boy world at its finest!

So I got thinking…

What can I do that my kids would like that won’t drive me nuts or exhaust me?


My boys love creating things, especially my Aiden.

I only have 1 week to entertain these kids on my own, while the next week the kids will be playing & entertained by their new Christmas toys. So the idea of doing random crafts with my kids for a week was not a bad idea.

Here are some awesome craft ideas to do with your kids that we have done or plan on doing.

Snowflake Ornaments

These ornament were pretty easy to make. All you need is 3 Popsicle sticks, glue, glitter, and ribbon. Let your kids have fun sprinkling the glitter over the glue. Cleaning up the mess is annoying, but seeing their faces while making the craft is priceless!

Hand Painted Reindeer

Nolan had fun making this. The body of the reindeer was his left hand upside down, and the head of the reindeer was his right hand. I had Nolan use his pointer finger to make the grass. And I had him use his other fingers to make the silver glitter snow flakes. Very festive for Christmas and easy to do!

Hand Painted Mural

This is another fun project to do with your kids. It will keep you busy as you’re trying to get their hand placement just right. And after each hand print I washed their hands so the residue of the previous color would not mix with the next color. If you do not wash their hands after each color, the colors will mix and will look messy. But it’s totally up to you and what is easier for you.

Reindeer Popsicle Stick Ornament

This is another easy ornament to make. I had my boys color their Popsicle sticks with a brown marker (which made it easier. Painting would have been a nightmare!). We glued the reindeer in the shape of a triangle. Then once the glue was set, the boys glued the eyes & nose on. All I had to do was super glue the ribbon in the back, and done!

Picture Frame Ornament

This is a cute ornament to make. Have the kids glue big popsicle sticks in the shape of a square. I made the black swirls on the sticks as if they were the strands of lights. And I had Aiden use his fingers to paint on the light bulbs. All you will need to do is print a picture or have your kids draw & color a picture of their choice, and glue a ribbon in the back.

Finger Painting Candy Cane

My boys had a lot of fun making this. This is mostly a finger painting project. If you do not feel like having your kids get messy with their fingers, you can always have them make the red & white colors with a paint brush. Simple and easy!

Hand Painted Snowman Family

My Aiden enjoyed this project the most. He is my artsy kid! We made a snowman family with his hands. This project Aiden had complete control over. As much as my OCD instincts wanted to tell him how to paint certain things, I refrained and laid back. I have to say he definitely enjoyed this painting project without mommy telling him what to do.

Gingerbread House Kit

Oh The famous gingerbread house kit! This is one activity we will do with my boys when Manny is home. I will need all hands on deck to help me with the kids as they assemble the candy and have icing all over the place. Not only does this keep the kids occupied, but it also gives the kids an extreme sugar high as they eat the icing and candy. Let’s see how much candy and icing will be on our finished products when they are done.

If you need more arts and crafts ideas to keep your kids busy during the holiday break, you can always head over to Pinterest. Pinterest is another great way to research anything and everything, especially crafts!

Just remember, make the crafts fun. No yelling or getting angry. Just try to chill out and have fun with your kids. This is the time to make the memories that will last a lifetime!






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