About Me

IMG_0279My name is Jackie Balla. I’m just a REAL housewife from New Jersey who traded in the Jersey life for the country life in Texas. I may not flip a table, drive expensive cars, I do not have money or live in a mansion home, but my definition of a real housewife is simple, just be you. I’ve been born and raised in central New Jersey my whole life. Not only am I a real housewife, but I am also a busy mother to two incredible adventurous boys, Aiden and Nolan, and a new baby on the way! I am also a loving committed wife to my Prince Charming, Manny.

As a real housewife I wear many hats. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cook, baker, cleaning lady, laundry lady, organizer, decorator, chauffeur and now to add to the list… a blogger.

My blog is where I lay out my confessions, and where I choose to put myself on “time out.” Some times I need to confess my frustrations or share something that will be on my heart I know women or mothers can relate to. Because let’s be real here people, there is nothing perfect about motherhood or life in general. My blog posts are going to be as real as they get. When I post pictures of my recipes or whatever topics I will be discussing, you will see my children in the background, and a mess of toys or crumbs on the floor. I’m sure other moms who will be reading my blog will be able to relate to the topics and craziness of the everyday mom life.IMG_1515

My oldest son Aiden who has PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) is on the mild side of the spectrum.  Being a parent of a child, who has special needs, is not easy. But based on our journey that we have been through, I want to be an encouragement to other families who are walking through what we have gone through. You are not alone in this. You can read more about Aiden’s story & our road to his progress here My Journey As A Special Needs Mom

My recipes that I post in my blogs are for the picky eaters. When I watch the Food Network and the Cooking Channel and see these stars cook with different ingredients and what not, I just sit there and say to myself “Nope! My family won’t eat that!” Although we are a family of picky eaters, my recipes have been served and approved by my family and friends. They are always saying how delicious my meals are! When I bake and want other critics, I bring my baked goods to my friends homes or gatherings to get their opinions. So far all my baking and cooking recipes have been unanimous! Delish!